A little while ago, I inaugurated the WTF section of this site, and it’s been a crazy ride so far! Between singing vulvas and kung fu sex, I hereby present you two completely insane videos.

1. Equilibristic Brides by Hentai Corporation

I have just found out that this band is from Czech Republic, so that might explain a few things… The tagline of the video would be: Beware the Beaver! This is the official video for their new song, Equilibristic Brides, and, well, I have no words. Let’s see: it’s completely insane. It’s full of naked men with beaver heads, pursuing who seems to be the singer of the band, and making him do things…

I love how the video is 100% explicit. Apparently, the video got 22.000 hits on youtube after only a few hours, but it was taken down (no comment), so they decide to transfer their stuff onto their vimeo channel, which is, thankfully, a more open platform.

More info on their facebook page.

Hentai Corporation – Equilibristic Brides [UNCENSORED] [NSFW] from RNGDS on Vimeo.


2. Captain Pecker

This is a penis singing a funky dance beat. And it dances too. And kind of smiles… Believe it or not, this video was made by Y&R advertising company from Australia, for FreeFM 96.9, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Broadcasters.

Isn’t it great? At first, I thought it was one of those videos of guys filming their junk, but when I saw that nice little knob singing, I thought, this has to go on the blog. So here it is. Enjoy!

Captain Pecker from Scotty Wilcox on Vimeo.