Asian WTF: Kung-Fu Sex and Egg Foreplay

It’s Friday, the day we can finally lay off some steam after a long week. I don’t know about you, but in Barcelona, it’s freaking hot, tourists are everywhere and I can’t seem to catch a break! So, for tonight I’ve selected two videos that have definitely lightened up my mood. When you see “Asian” and “Sex” in the same sentence, it can seem scary, but these two sex scenes are innocent, funny and very entertaining!

1. Kung-Fu Fucking

This hilarious scene is from the movie “A Chinese Torture Chamber Story”, released in 1994, produced by Wong Jing and directed by Bosco Lam. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean to be serious. It’s actually and erotic comedy film. Self-derision is the best thing ever, and in this case, the result is truly awesome. Like classic kung-fu fight scenes, it looks like a dancing choreography, and it seems like most of the moves would be pretty painful in real life…

Plus, the man looks a little bit like young Asian Sean Connery, don’t you think?

2. Don’t swallow

This scene is from Tampopo, a Japanese movie from 1985 by Juzo Itami. The story is deeply linked with food and love. Beside the main plot about two men helping a tiny noodle shop become the best restaurant in town, the story involves small subplots and satirical vignettes, including the one shown in the video below, about an elegant gangster having inventive erotic sex with his lover.
As you can see the video involves the passing of an egg yolk from mouth to mouth, without, obviously, breaking it. I get that the tension and the soft contact on the lips can be a nice turn on, but I can’t stop thinking that first, it’s a raw egg, and second, what happens if one of them accidentally breaks, or worse, swallows it…

If someone wants to try it and report back, be my guest!

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