Finnish director Luna Kuu shot a beautiful film called ‘NÄKKI – Spellbound’ for Erika Lust. The style of the video definitely illustrates the crisp coldness of Scandinavia, mixing it with fire and passion.

The result is an exciting film that makes us happy that despite this horrible year, there is still some quality porn out there.

Watch Spellbound here

Spellbound: Mythical creatures in Finland’s vast forests

Pagans were certainly more in tune in nature than we ever were. Nature and female sexuality go hand in hand and it’s a pleasure to watch Luna Kuu and Lynx Ymir experience an ‘out of this world’ moment.
How often do you get to admire beautiful landscapes and sex at the same time? Throw in some shibari and you’ve got yourself a good Sunday evening.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to watch the full film right here.

Trailer of NÄKKI – Spellbound (2018) from Laura Rämö on Vimeo.