I like big butts. And small butts. And weird butts. Of course I also love boobies, but that will be for another post. Today, here’s a butt gif selection, and if you look closely into their eyes, you might even recognize a few. I think the ass is a fairly innocent image in mainstream cinema, and since nobody will show us a dong once in a while, the ass is the perfect fallback.

We’re all pretty crazy about butts. No matter the gender, it’s always sweet on the eyes!


Alexander Skarsgård

Oh Eric, take me now!

alexander skarsgard

Leo’s butt

This is Leo Eller’s butt from a short film I told you about a while ago, titled Persona.

persona leo eller

Oona Chaplin

You didn’t think there would be a butt post without some Game of Thrones goodies, did you?

game of thrones ass

Robert Downey’s

Believe it or not, this is our beloved Robert Downey Jr’s butt in Friends and Lovers.

Robert Downey Jr Friends and Lovers


This is German actor Florian David Fitz‘ precious little ass.

Florian david fitz

Country style

This is gay country singer Steve Grand‘s

steve grand butt gif

Hello David Boreanaz

Never saw that episode of Bones…

david boreanaz butt


Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam!

charlie hunnam sex gif

Magic Tatum

Check out Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.

channing tatum naked gif

and Chris Hemsworth

in Rush

Chris Hemsworth Rush

Andrew Christian crew

Always on the go.

christian underwear gif

Tom Hiddleston’s

Having hot sex with Rachel Weisz in The Deep Blue Sea (I have to watch that film).

tom hiddleston and rachel weisz in deep blue sea

King in the North

Richard Madden’s round little butt.

richard madden ass

Jason Momoa’s

The Khal is hot everywhere.

jason momoa naked gif

and Jake’s, of course!

adventure time jake