Porna now comes on your TV screen with Dusk!

At the FPAs, I met Liesbet, a charming woman who works at Dusk TV, a Dutch channel that broadcasts not only porn, but pornA! Let me explain…

What’s Porna?

Porna is basically female-oriented porn, a mix of eroticism and pornography, taking women’s pleasure into consideration and showing stimulating content. Why PornA? Well, in latin-based languages like Spanish or Italian, words have gender  – yeah, even grammar is gender-biased! – and masculine words often end with “o”, whereas feminine words end with an “a”, hence, porna.

The requirements for a film to be classified as porna are: being realistic, explicit, featuring “real” people, depicting a well-balanced development of sexual desire, and made with respect.

What’s Dusk

Dusk! is a female-oriented, erotic digital TV channel in the Netherlands. Isn’t it great that they not only select and promote feminist porn films, but that they actually broadcast them on TV! The porn we have here on Spanish or French TV, is usually ultra cheesy and old. Northern Europeans have often shown to be more modern in terms of gender equality and it’s amazing that a TV channel is showing such modern content on the air.

I don’t own a TV, personally, but it’s still a great way to spread the word, and I have to admit that it would be great to just turn on your TV and being able to pick a hot porn film, without having to dig the Internet for hours.

The women decide

Wait, there’s something even greater about Dusk. They don’t decide what YOU watch, they don’t have a square and narrow definition of what porna is, instead, they let YOU decide what you want to watch. See, they make a selection of films they think would fit their audience’s desires, and then, they use the “Dusk panel“. Since 2009, a wide panel of women have been watching and reviewing films. It’s like the “Hot or not” of porn films. Over 1.700 women have eagerly been giving their opinions.

Lately, the top 10 films on the Dusk panel include Ms Naughty‘s Connections, Candida Royalle’s Eyes of Desire 2 and more. Maybe soon they’ll show Alice Inside and A Custom-Made Fantasy

Searching for answers

Their great crew gets around to all the cool festivals, and they often meet with “la crème de la crème” of feminist porn, check out this interview of Jiz Lee by Dusk, at the Berlin Porn Festival.

Ok, you know what you have to do now… Let’s all move to Amsterdam!!!

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    April 18, 2014 10:27 pm

    The dusk tumblr page is also very nice

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