Why? I don’t know. I have no idea whatsoever about the whys and hows behind this video, but I don’t care, because it made me laugh and I enjoyed it.

Naked fox is chillin’

Makda Iyasu is an artist who apparently does fashion and experimental films. This one is definitely sweet and nice, and allows us to watch two hot guys wearing nothing but a fox head, to protect their identity I suppose. You know, I don’t really get this animal head trend, it always remind me of some Kesha music videos, and to be honest, somehow, it pisses me off. However, this film, called Three-Letter Man (FOX maybe?), is both funny and sexy. There is definitely a cool connection between the two men and the intimacy is showing. It’s the little details, the ease that transpires, the comfort of their house, their lovely dog playing around, and the second degree that surrounds the whole thing.

Check it out.