Last time I talked to you about Madison Young, it was about her brand new book, Daddy, which was part of the NSFW bundle. Today, I’d like to go a little bit further and show you more of this American actress, director, writer and sexpert next door…

I briefly saw Young at the Feminist Porn Awards earlier this year in Toronto and I thought she looked hot, fearless and a little crazy. Needless to say, I liked her. So here are a few scenes that you can find on PinkLabel TV, which feature some pretty amazing and intense solo scenes.

Madison Young for Fruit Punch Porn

This one is pretty rough and intense. Young knows exactly how to pleasure herself and she’s not afraid of using all the props she needs to reach an unbelievably, agonisingly great climax, from toys to rope… Until she’s literally begging to let herself come. Impressive.

Watch the full film here

Madison stops by Crash Pad

One thing I noticed about Young is her energy. She seems to be excited and dynamic for what she loves, art and porn. In her busy schedule, she found some time to stop by the Crash Pad and give herself some quality time.

Watch the film here


This is one crazy porn film. The premise of Superfreak is that the ghost of punk / funk icon Rick James possesses the bodies of several queer women and makes them get “super-freaky with one another”. Guess who plays the ghost? Shine Louise Houston. Rick James possesses Madison at the beginning, who indulges in some Hitachi Magic Wand fun before going out to get some more. She sets her eyes on Dylan Ryan who’s wearing this cute strap-on. Jiz Lee is also in the film. With all these ingredients, this is a recipe for a damn great porn film, which actually won Best Dyke Sex Scene at the FPAs in 2007.

Watch the film on PinkLabel TV