At first, I watched this video by fast forwarding through it, and I thought maybe it was a weird, pretentious film, but I was curious so I watched it again from the beginning and paid attention. I’m glad I did that because my surprise was pretty good! W4M (Woman for Man) is indeed a little weird, but also very clever and arousing. Check it out.


This mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey and a phone conversation between two strangers is a constant metaphorical and visual tease that explores the “abyss and ambiguity of space itself”. How erotic is that? Well, turn the volume up and listen to the two talk about what they want to do to each other. They’ve never met, but somehow, there is a bond between them that resonates with the cool imagery. The metaphor gets more visual throughout the video and space is eventually reached, as a climax-filled, starry night.

I like narration in films, especially in porn, if it’s not too cheesy, and I love to be talked dirty in bed. I think the sound just makes it more real for me and the vulnerability that it unveils is extremely appealing to me. So, when this couple of strangers talk about his cock inside her, it seriously turned me on. Besides, the guy, Martin Metz, has a kind of Charlie Hunnam vibe that really works for me!

What do you think?

We owe this short film to Director Tracy Brown and Katelin Arizmendi, whom I discovered thanks to her work on Happy Thoughts.

W4M from Katelin Arizmendi on Vimeo.