Up All Night – The first 3 minutes

Ok so I had to take a day off to recover from the holiday I spent dancing off some pretty cool electro tunes up there in Belgium and saying “next time, I’m going to a hotel with a spa”, but I am definitely back today, and I bring good news! My new film, Up All Night, the one I shot a month ago with Joel and Alexa Tomas, is finally up and available to watch online!

EDIT: Vimeo deleted the video – shocker! – so please enjoy the trailer below. To watch in HD quality, please go to luciemakesporn.com.

Up All Night

I have uploaded the first 3 minutes onto Vimeo so you can get a feel of the movie, check out the context, and see my friends play extras during the initial party scene, which is when the sexual tension between the couple, Alex and Theo, will start rising, until they escape the crowd and start fooling around in the kitchen. The film is not linear, it shows moments of the night when the blooming couple let go of their desires. They will escape to different parts of the flat until they go out clubbing and come back to fuck each other’s brains out.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be on the set of this film, you can read about Dani’s experience here! Dani’s a journalist for Badoink.com and he came to the shoot. I got used to the nudity and weirdness of it, but it was his first time being on a porn shoot so it’s pretty cool to read about what went through his head.

>>Watch the full film here<<

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