Aleksandr Slyadnev is not only a food photographer, but also a naughty film director. Nighty Night is a hot short film featuring two women who finally get their hands on each other.

Nighty Night

I think that Aleksandr likes to give a special atmosphere and context to his films, instead of just shooting a hot girl doing her thing. In Nighty Night, the black and white and the make-up give a special fantasy tone to the whole thing. I like the little dancing around before they get naked. The two models are not plain with empty smiles, they make us feel the excitement and the arousal.

I guess, sometimes, I like a simple short with a little context and just hot sex. Modern porn doesn’t have to come with huge scripts, stories and props. Sometimes, less is more my friends.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Nighty Night | 18+ from Aleksandr Slyadnev on Vimeo.