Since I’ve started exploring my sexuality, I’ve had a few experiences with partners who I had a submission / domination relationship with, and I was the submissive one. So far, I really enjoyed it and I wanted to share my side of the story with you my dear pervs!

Being the slave

At first, being the slave and calling your partner “master” may seem a little farfetched and exploitative. But being someone’s slave is actually pretty awesome. At least, in my case, it was all about obeying a few orders in order to get MY every desire satisfied. Being his slave wasn’t about sacrificing my pleasure for his, but rather going with the flow and get my socks rocked.

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No pressure

Being a sex slave also frees you from any form of pressure you might feel. Sometimes, during sex, I would think about stuff, wonder if I was doing it right, and lose my focus. But when I was a slave, all that just disappeared. My mind was free to feel all the pleasure and reach climax.

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We used quite a few cool props, from a spanking paddle to tape and rope. At first, I thought being blindfolded was kind of cliché, but it pretty much rocked my world, because of the expectations. You don’t know what’s coming and the suspense really intensified my experience.

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I felt the same way about spanking. I thought it was overrated. However, I clearly felt a rush when he was spanking me. I found myself laughing with joy every time he’d hit me, because all the tension would leave my body.

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The rope

I also really loved playing with rope. It feels good on the skin and even though I thought I was going to freak out being tied up, it ended up being one of my favorite things to do because I trusted him.

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The game

Overall, it’s all about the game. BDSM is not about hurting each other but about playing with each other and waking things up inside of you. Sometimes, I’d even receive orders during the day when I was at work or out with my friends. It put me in a constant state of arousal.

By the way, you can watch the scene from the gif below right here! It’s pretty hot…

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What about the pain?

Ok, what I did was very light, soft bondage and spanking so it really didn’t hurt much. The nipple clamps did hurt a little bit though, but only a little. Here’s a pic from my secret nudie tumblr. For me, some light pain helps bringing emotions and sensations to the surface and it intensifies the experience.

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In general, it’s a very respectful practice and even though it’s a submissive / dominant game, it has nothing to do with being inferior or superior. In the end, it’s peaceful and very pleasurable.

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