I am so sick of all these “wanna lose those extra Christmas pounds?” ads. Are you kidding? I spent two weeks eating chocolate as my main diet, I’m not about to ruin all my efforts. So, instead of badgering ourselves to exercize more or starve ourselves for bikini season, we should think about turning a horrible NYE resolution into the hottest fantasy. This scene by Joymii, ‘At the gym’, illustrates my point to perfection.

How to start and maintain your resolution

The actual best way to lose weight feel good about yourself is to have awesome sex. Den and Josephine know they shouldn’t waste time lifting weights when they could suck and eat each other. I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercize, but that we shouldn’t torture ourselves with pressure and expectations on the first day of the year. Come on, we’re still drunk.

From my point of view, the gorgeous couple quickly get bored of exercizing and go straight to the post-gym stretching and they applied my favorite routine:

1. Stretch

2. Have sex until you’re so sweaty you can’t grab onto each other

3. Repeat

You don’t actually need to go to the gym, because, you know, it’s far and it’s cold. You can just wear a casually sexy top and tight pants, try to touch your toes with your fingers and bam, you get yourself the healthiest, most enjoyable sex session ever. And you even spend calories. How great is that?

Enjoy the preview below and check out the full scene right here!