I already mentioned Paul Deeb, his partner Tamara and their production company PillowBook Gallery. I’m happy to say that you can now watch The Accidental Bear, one of their beautiful reality-based erotic films on LucieMakesPorn.com!

EDIT: LucieMakesPorn is now CommonSensual. Watch The Accidental Bear here on CS.

The Accidental Bear

This project is not about shooting a “gay movie”, but a hot film that reveals genuine intimacy. The two performers are Will Swagger and Allen Silver, two professional porn actors and real-life partners, which give this film a very enjoyable and interesting dimension.

The silver fox and his salt-and-pepper partner let the PillowBook crew enter into their intimate moments, watching them laugh, talk and fuck.

will swagger and allen silver

The title comes from Anne Tyler’s “The Accidental Tourist” and Paul Deeb explains why; he had trouble with the editing of the film because he was trying to make it fit into his own idea of a “gay” scene, until he realized that he had to go beyond the preconceived ideas to finally be able to present something real. To sum up the metaphor, the tourists take their home with them, but the real travelers make their home with whatever they discover.

Male gay sex and the female gaze

I’ve often heard to some women like to watch male gay porn, and I have to say I am one of them. I enjoy watching hot guys fucking each other. That’s why I also wanted to add more gay stuff on luciemakesporn.com.

Here’s the trailer. Also you might enjoy Mistress by PillowBook, it’s here.