Trains – Pleasure is inevitable

‘Trains’ is an award-winning erotic short film by PillowBook Gallery‘s Paul Deeb and it’s now available on!


Directed by Paul Deeb, the director of acclaimed film noir Mistress, and produced by Tamara Shroll, ‘Trains’ explores the roles of timing and inevitability. Dylan Ryan and Lily Cade share an intense, authentic and beautiful sexual experience during which they inevitably come, much like the scheduled trains in the background. And to keep on with the metaphor, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination!

trains dylan ryan and lily cade

With shots from behind the scenes during which you can see the set and the director’s artistic take, ‘Trains’ is not only hot and sexy as hell, it’s also clever and hypnotic. Dylan and Lily abandon themselves in a moment of pure lust and passion. It’s also natural and relaxed, away from corny clichés. In my opinion, it’s a pretty refreshing take on a sexual encounter and I’m sure you’ll like the originality of the whole project!

The film won Sexiest Short at the Feminist Porn Awards 2014 and Best Short at the CineKink festival 2014.

>>Watch it in HD quality on CS<<

Here’s the safe-for-work trailer.

“Trains” Trailer from Pillow Book Gallery on Vimeo.

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