If you’ve been following this site, then you know how much I love talking and showing masturbation. I think it’s crucial to have pleasure in sex and I don’t consider it a replacement of sex with a partner. Sometimes it can even involve him or her and it becomes the best starter, or even main course, ever!

I have three videos for you today. And a little bonus is waiting for you at the end…

1. Masturbation for couples

The first video is from Beautiful Agony, the famous site featuring clips of real people playing with themselves. I personally think that it’s very, very hot to witness mutual masturbation. You can see the connection between them is very deep, and even if it’s not “penis in vagina” sex, it is completely, 100% passionate and satisfying. Plus, they’re both really hot, so that helps.

Be sure to check out Beautiful Agony for more solo – or not – fun.

EDIT: The video has been removed, so check out this post to watch a preview of Beautiful Agony!

2. Alone time

I have realized that many women are actually ashamed to masturbate, and many never dare to touch themselves. I’m saying I’ve realized it because it sounds like madness, well, I definitely would have gone mad if I had never masturbated… It is so important to give yourself pleasure before feeling real pleasure with someone else. Knowing yourself, discovering what you like, letting your brain take you to dark, unknown places and giving power to your imagination, feeling how your mind can give you so much pleasure…

I guess that, if you’re on this site, then you’ve already gone solo (or I’m not doing a good enough job), but it’s always good to remind yourself to, sometimes, take a breath, be on your own, and enjoy.

This video is from the famous site ifeelmyself.com, check it out!

3. Hot afternoon for Giancarlo

Ondata Di Caldo (Heatwave in English) is a short film by bigbadllama showing Giancarlo going through this apparently exhausting afternoon, in the heart of Italy. There aren’t many good quality, professional videos showing a man masturbating. Of course, it’s all about the girls on the Internetz. I don’t know why, is it supposed to be less erotic than a woman masturbating? That makes no sense. I enjoy looking at a woman’s body, but if there’s a dick somewhere around it, or at least some hot abs, then it makes me much hornier. This is only because I’m a heterosexual woman, so my opinion doesn’t really matter…

4. À Table – Bonus

In one static shot, a woman’s body becomes both the table on which to eat and the one who delivers and clears the food.

“À Table” meaning “Let’s eat”. This is the little bonus I promised. The video is not embeddable so you’ll have to follow this link.