You know how I love finding explicit scenes in mainstream movies, right? Well, this one is particularly exciting. The film Romance was made by Catherine Breillat a few years ago. It’s about a young woman searching for herself.

A young woman exploring her sexual self in Romance

The film follows Marie (Caroline Ducey), a girl who’s married to Paul, a model. Paul is very unresponsive when it comes to sex and Marie grows frustrated. So she goes and has different extra-marital affairs and sexual encounters with random guys. It’s not a kinky film to watch with your boyfriend. The sex scenes are raw and dark, and we can hear Marie’s thoughts on her body, and on “men fucking women”.

It’s not an easy film to take in, but it is very explicit, being maybe one of the most sexual mainstream films.

Marie says she hates her body, and feels like a pray. She desperately searches for meaning and identity, since her romantic life has no meaning. What is the role of sex? Does it define our relationship? Is it just a symptom of it? This movie, however twisted it can seem, really tells us that sexuality is not less important for a woman than for a man. However, many times, the misunderstanding and sexist dogmas of our society make it difficult for women, and probably men, too, to be mentally and physically satisfied by sex.

The first scene stars Rocco Siffredi, famous porn star, as Paolo, one of Marie’s affairs. I love how blunt and real she is when talking about her sexual experiences with him. She talks about how dirty sex can be, condoms, periods… You can feel that something is missing in her sexual experience. The magic. There is none. All is left is mechanical pleasure.

Below the first video, you can watch all the sex scenes from the film (there are a lot), including one Marie has with Robert, one of the only guys that she has a connection with. He’s played by François Berléand, one of my favorite French actors! The scene between them is very kinky, as they get some bondage action going on.

So, to conclude this article, I would say that sex is absolutely crucial in a relationship. It can go up and down (bad pun intended) but the connection between two partners is very important if you want to have a long-lasting relationship. I would also say that multiplying random partners isn’t usually the way to achieve real pleasure and satisfaction from sex. Know yourself. Don’t be a victim.

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