Men shouldn’t give us everything we want right away. They should tease us with it, make us crave it. In this new short film, Sleepwalker, I took the anecdote of a friend who had found her boyfriend sleepwalking, and made it into an intimate couple fantasy for CommonSensual.

sleepwalker viktoria vaar sylvan


Sylvan and Viktoria Vaar already knew each other well before we shot this. Viktoria actually had a her first porn scene with Sylvan, and their chemistry is undeniable. In this scene, he doesn’t pay much attention to her, in the beginning, as he is more preoccupied with his troubled sleep. One night, she finds him having an imaginary meeting in the kitchen. At night, he is passionate and feels free to play out his wildest fantasies.

Frustrated by the lack of communication during the day but excited about these new nocturnal events, Viktoria lets herself inside the fantasy and becomes Sylvan’s epic partner.

Check out the trailer below and head on to CS for the full HD scene.