The 3rd episode of Hot Couture is up on CS. Our guest, this time, is Viktoria Vaar, porn actress and hot sauce enthusiast.

Hot sauce flows in Viktoria’s veins

After shooting Sleepwalker, Viktoria and Sylvan both took the Hot Couture challenge. Now, Viktoria went really far in this episode. We first presented her with our hot sauce-coated chicken wings which she swallowed like a true princess. She later went as far as eating a raw chili… Sylvan watched, speechless, as he is a spice virgin. He knows he’s next! She made it look easy, maybe because she admitted to be somewhat of a masochist?

Viktoria shares her reaction with us and tells us how the heat affected her ability to get aroused and to climax.

Now that we have shot 4 episodes of this show, I can tell that every guest has a different reaction. I can’t wait to keep going!

Here’s a short teaser video below.

Click here to watch the full episode in HD

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