There’s nothing better than a bunch of hot wings to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. Well, actually there are plenty of things that are better: having health, love and family around, but if you’re a fucking slob or you just want to take a little while away from family affairs, here’s the 2nd episode of Hot Couture, with Silvia Rubi.

Silvia Rubi, queen of hot wings

In the first episode, we had Irina Vega, who dared to venture into this challenge without any spicy experience. This time was different as Silvia eats and cooks with heat on a regular basis. She swallowed the wings like a champ’, crying and laughing at the same time, sharing her joy and her pain with us, on the spot.

hot couture silvia rubi

So, Silvia’s a hot sauce pro, but how is it going to affect her climax? Eating spicy food is one thing, but what about masturbating while your insides are on fire? Can your blood flood your cheeks and tongue and pussy at the same time?

So, watch this insanely fun episode of Hot Couture here on CS!

And merry Xmas.

hot couture by commonsensual

silvia rubi hot wings masturbation

And I will be publishing the Behind The Scenes video in which Silvia and I have a spoon of 150.000 scoville hot sauce, in a couple of days, after I have digested my Xmas food.

hot couture lucie blush silvia rubi