Damien Moreau is an artist and porn actor from New York  whose desire to explore his sexual fantasies became more than a simple desire and went further than that, by performing in his own search for a communion between sex and art. Check out this erotic gay scene that mixes real world and fantasy in one, hot, film.

Kangourou by Damien Moreau

The AHDM4U mag interviewed Moreau and asked something very interesting to me:

You’re following in a lineage of pornographic intellects/artists (Lorelei Lee and Conner Habib to name a couple.) These pornographers use sex and their body to challenge mainstream conceptions of who does sex work and why. Many times their work breaks down the false imagery portraying sex workers as victims. So why did you choose sex as your artistic medium?

Since I am going to be performing in my next film – hehe – the topic of directors using their own body to express their fantasies is fascinating. I want to do exactly that, I want to bring something authentic and spontaneous to the film, by positioning myself in a vulnerable position, letting people see me and create a unique experience.

Moreau replied: It’s not just exposing your body flamboyantly to the world. There is a mass force of intellect, creative energy and intention behind doing so. […] In the end I wish to make visually stunning and physically stimulating concepts that tap peoples’ inner desires that allow them to connect with their sexual being.  

I could not agree more. It’s not about showing off your body. It’s not about doing the exact opposite of mainstream porn. It’s about creating a new depth of feeling and arousal by showing the whole extent of the experience with your own body and mind.

You’ll see that we don’t really know if the fantasy is really happening on the train, or if it’s all in his mind, and that’s what also contributes to the mystery and the sexual atmosphere.

Enough said, watch Kangourou (Kangaroo in English) here. By the way, why Kangourou ? Because it refers to a series of sexual adventures the author shared with a very special man from Colorado, during which he was just bouncing around like a kangaroo.