Lena is one of my favorite Joybear films. The clever young woman decides to turn away from the pressure of finding the perfect boyfriend and goes on a quest to have fun. She does have some pretty hot couple fantasies though, about people who seem to have it all in their relationships, especially the great sex.

Lena’s couple fantasies

How can you be in a serious relationship and not lose the “appetite”? This is a question everybody’s asked themselves before because this appetite can be a sneaky son of a bitch. In these two scenes, Lena fantasizes about these two couples who are still extremely passionate with each other and manage to have awesome sex.

I love that the couples are hot but not “model” hot. They’re just like you and me and yes, sometimes it is reassuring to see a little bit of cellulitis in an adult film, just to keep things real a little bit and not feel completely intimidated.

The scenes are not too pompous, it’s just genuine fun with hot people. Much like Lena, I have tons of fantasies that I just enjoy carrying out in my mind, depending on my moods…

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