Room In Rome – Sin Ti

Room in Rome is a film about a love story. No ‘I love you’s under the rain or pursuit at the airport though. It’s about two women who spend their last night in Rome together. The video below was made with pieces of the film by DJ Albert Anti, and it’s pretty fucking hot.

Sin Ti from Albert Anti on Vimeo.

Room In Rome – Love, Sex, Pain

The film is about Natasha, a Russian woman who will soon get married with a guy, and Alba, a Spanish lesbian. They meet, they become friends, and they spend an awesome night together. But it’s not just a one-night-stand, it’s more than that. They’re going to find something in each other that will change something. However, the day approaches and they have to part ways. This is what is represented in the video above. You see, the film is pretty artistic and there is one surreal scene of the film, Alba is in the bathtub with a “lover’s arrow” in her chest. The metaphor is pretty clear: getting hit by this kind of passion and love can hurt a lot. There is no intense pleasure without some kind of backlash.

The film is completely explicit, and the two actresses are naked most of the time. Some people see the film as some “girl on girl” softcore film, but I like to see it as a great piece of work that goes deep into passion, sex, and relationships, no matter the gender or sexual orientation. Hollywood love stories are so hygienic and sanitized that we forget that love stories are based on hot sex and passion.

The director is Julio Medem, who also made Sex and Lucía, which I’ll talk about very soon.

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