It’s hard to imagine old people having sex, but they do! Many people are afraid of wrinkles and becoming unattractive with time, but if there was no sex in the third age, that would be my biggest fear. Think about it, when you grow older, you don’t care so much about what people think about you, you just do whatever you want. And the experience must make the sex pretty interesting. Ageless Sex is a film by Marc Silver, about Libby, a woman who left an unhappy marriage at the age of sixty with only the clothes on the back and £20 in her pocket.

Ageless Sex, a film about individual freedom

The idea for the film was born from a video art installation called “A Message To My Unconceived Child” at CAB Burgos, Spain. It reveals the complexities of pornography, old age and individual choices. Libby explains in the trailer above that she realized that many people actually find her attractive and enjoy seeing her having and enjoying sex. Libby started a late life career in the adult industry and now, at 70, she acts and produces for three of the UK’s top adult sites.

The first reaction of many people might be “ew, I don’t want to see that”, but it’s only sex, and it’s not reserved for “pretty” people. I think it’s great that this woman has found happiness in sex and adult entertainment. There is absolutely nothing shameful about that, and many more people than you think really enjoy what she does.

Our bodies don’t fall into decay when we stop being thin and tanned -thank Goddess- and sex is a mix of mechanics and emotions that everybody is entitled to.

Go Libby!

You can find out more on Marc Silver’s website.

[Via Pink Label]