As a Web Designer initially, a filmmaker, an art lover and a sensitive person in general, I tend to love minimalism. I enjoy lines, simplicity, I appreciate what is not said and I am moved by simple things. This short film, Fantom, is simple and yet strangely relaxing and arousing.


If you’re a regular here, you’re already familiar with the work of Allusion Magazine, especially with their awesome short film A Man And A Woman. This short film was also made by this art and fashion group, especially by Gevorg Markosyan and Suzanna Musaeva.

I like that the film is more suggestive than explicit. We feel a certain languor throughout the video, helped by the music, like a serenity in the air, spiced with erotic touches. A butt cheek here, a nipple there. Then suddenly, she’s on the ground with her hands tied up, waiting to be taken, dying to be devoured.

I thought it was extremely hot and sincerely beautiful. What do YOU think?

PHANTOM from allusionmagazine on Vimeo.