It’s finally Friday my friends, and there’s nothing better than a yummy lunch to prepare you for the week end! You know I follow Bell Soto‘s work closely, and Lunchbreak is a short film he made for Creem Mag.

Lunchbreak fantasy

I think the appropriate expression here is “eating with your eyes”, and damn they have great taste! You should never say no to a nice treat. Life is short and when it’s tall, hot, sweetly androgynous, you should definitely go for it! Especially when your fancy ass husband or boyfriend is eating spaghetti like a twelve-year-old… Don’t hesitate to taste the dark and mysterious model staring right back at you. Ok, it’s a fantasy, I doubt it would ever happened to me. Actually, sometimes it does, but instead of a hot guy, it’s the drunk from across the street who likes my “piece of ass”.


Creem Magazine is all about fashion, art and music, bringing together stories of emerging talents and stories. Bell Soto’s style fits right in!

LUNCHBREAK film by Bell Soto from Bell Soto on Vimeo.