It seems this week’s theme really is kissing! After the First Kiss video and its multiple parodies, and the Kissing loop I told you about yesterday, it’s time to watch Anne Sorrentino’s Basorexia!

Basorexia Craving

This is the second episode of Basorexia, a project brought to us by French artist Anne Sorrentino. The goal is to show intimacy out of the blue. She kissed random people, strangers and friends, people she wasn’t really connected with, in five minutes of sexy making out. It’s really interesting to watch all the kisses, they’re all different. You can see some awkwardness at the beginning, five minutes sounds like a long time to be kissing someone you don’t know, but then time flies away, the cameras disappear and a feeling emerges between the two.

Every participant got to comment on what they felt during the experience. You can read them all here. It seems all were happy with kissing Anne, and you can really see that in the video. It’s sweet, hot, it feels nice. There is no label, no pressure…

With this project, Anne asks, why are we so afraid with love? “I love who I am, I love my family, I love my friends, I love the people I slept with. […] A kiss is the most beautiful interaction between two people, I love the passion, the precipitated intimacy…”

Sometimes we indeed put a lot of pressure upon ourselves, about what we should feel, how we should feel it and with whom. Just forget about this nonsense and enjoy yourself!

Episode II

Basorexia II from Anne Sorrentino on Vimeo.

Episode I

Basorexia I from Anne Sorrentino on Vimeo.