I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be even hotter than 2013, but this last year has been one of the sexiest and most exciting! Here are a few conclusions about what you like my little pervs… I think it’s important to analyze what people want, what they look for, what they crave. Online porn is so dense and crazy, that it’s hard to really know your way and use it to actually feel pleasure. So let’s see what you preferred this year and get an idea of 2013’s sex trends on welovegoodsex.com!

1. Mainstream Porn and Real Sex: Expectations VS Reality

Many of you enjoyed this gif post. I think Buzzfeed set a trend in making lists of things that we can laugh at and identify with. However, I think that it’d be great to apply this to sex! I think there’s a great desire to see sex as something natural, accessible and genuine. Great sex is not only for porn stars. We want to be aroused and excited about something that can actually happen to us, instead of endlessly fantasizing on unreal stereotypes.

Plenty of new gifs posts are coming next year… You can re-live this post right here!


Talking about gifs, many of you also enjoyed the “8 hot orgasm gifs to celebrate the week end“… And, what a coincidence, tonight is the week end!


2. Beautiful Agony, watch real people masturbate and orgasm

Beautiful Agony is an awesome website that you can go to to watch videos of people masturbating. It’s a great view on this personal, intimate ritual, and it’s so arousing and interesting to look at their faces when they reach climax. I think it’s great to see that we all have our ways of doing it, and that it’s perfectly natural to masturbate! Check out the post right now! In it, you can watch plenty of real people jerking off, including my favorite video, the one below…

3. Alice Inside, my very first porn film

And finally, one of the most popular posts this year was the one in which you can watch my film, Alice Inside. Yeah, I’m pretty happy it’s in the top 3! I’m working on new films right now, but Alice Inside is my first. Before that, I was a total porn directing virgin, and finally I took the step and it’s amazing to see the great feedback, and how people really crave natural, hot porn with real couples.

You can watch the film below, and know more about it in the post!

Alice Inside by Lucie Blush brought to you by PornHub