Hot scenes with gorgeous Gael García Bernal

I’m a huge fan of Gael García Bernal since I saw him in “La Mala Educación” in Spanish class. I didn’t understand the film much, but I did fall in love with him. He was also particularly brilliant in The Motorcycle Diaries, in which he plays a young Che Guevarra. Gael García Bernal was born in Guadalajara in Mexico in 1978. He started acting from a very young age with his parents, and he’s now a very talented actor!

I have selected a few scenes in which you’ll see how hot and sweet he can be on screen…

1. Dot the I

I saw this movie ages ago. Well, when it came out, in 2003. It’s about a love triangle in London, but I really can’t tell you anything more, because the whole story is very unexpected. What I can tell you is that it’s hot, dark, and definitely surprising.

In this scene, Kit (Bernal) has very hot sex with Carmen (Natalia Verbeke). If you watch the movie, you’ll see that it’s sweet, natural and very sexy since both characters develop a great passion for each other. The third character, whom you can see in the video, is played by James d’Arcy. Can’t tell you anything more without spoiling it… so enjoy the video and you should also check out the whole movie!


2. Y Tu Mamá También

This awesome movie by Alfonso Cuarón came out in 2001. It’s about a road trip that involves two young guys, and an older woman, who will teach them a thing or two about sex and life. Bernal plays the role of Julio, and his best friend is Tenoch, played by Diego Luna. They’re young, of course immature, a bit stupid, and hungry for experiences. They decide to go on a road trip together. Before leaving, they meet Luisa (Maribel Verdú), who had just learned about her husband’s new affair. After the boys tell her about this great – and invented – beach they want to go to, Luisa decides to go with them.

The film and the characters are very realistic and natural. It gives the audience a feeling of freedom and a sudden passion for life and experiences.

The video below contains all the sex scenes from the movie. Julio and Tenoch are still teenagers and, as you can see, they’re still very unexperienced. But friendship and love will grow on them. Thus, the sex scenes are not that impressive, but they’re absolutely natural and my advice is that you stick til the last scene, which has a pretty unexpected turn of sexual events for you.


3. Amores Perros

Amores Perros (Dog Love) is a film by Guillermo Arriaga, whom you may know for Babel (starring Bernal) and 21 Grams. I saw this movie a long time ago and, honestly, the sex scene is all I remember… I remember it being dark, hard, and a little bit depressing. The story is about three lives that are interconnected by a central car accident, caused by Bernal’s character, Octavio. He gets his dog into a dog fight in order to earn some money and get away from Mexico City, but something goes wrong and he flees. In his car. The other two stories are about a model who loses a leg in the accident, and an ex prisoner who is hired to kill someone, although all he wants is to meet his only daughter. As I said, a little bit depressing.

The sex scene is very natural and passionate. But it’s coherent with the atmosphere of the whole film. There is a feeling of loss, of something going wrong. Check for yourself.


4. The Bad Education

This film is by famous “movida” Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. I remember watching it at school, but then I really didn’t speak good Spanish and I didn’t understand everything. I remember that my teacher was constantly checking if the headmaster was about to come in, since he wasn’t really supposed to show us that film, which, as you have guessed, is full of sexy goodies.

The film is about the effects of Franco/religious schooling and sexual abuses on two longtime friends. There isn’t actually a sex scene in the clip, it’s more an eye candy clip for you to appreciate Bernal and Fele Martínez in all their gay lusty goodness.

Fele Martínez and Gael García Bernal NAKED NUDE… por RESTITUDA

5. I’m With Lucy

I love this scene because it shows a completely different character for Gael García Bernal. He’s arrogant and pretentious. The film is pretty crappy. It’s about this girl, Lucy, who goes on five blind dates, but who will be Mr Right? Nothing original here, but it does star my lovely David Boreanaz and, of course, Bernal, who plays a playwright called Gabriel. It’s not an actual sex scene but the fore – or post – play here is funny, and Lucy discovers that Gabriel actually things that he was Julius Caesar in a past life…

His accent is so cute! Don’t you think?

Here are a few goodies just for you…

gael garcía bernal

Gael García Bernal y tu mamá también gif
gael garcía bernal
gael garcía bernal gif



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