One masturbation a day keeps the doctor away! Seriously though, I’ve done the experiment myself. Jerk off every morning before getting up. If you’re like me, your day will definitely improve! It’s not going to make you blind, in fact, it might improve your eyesight, maybe not literally speaking, but at least you won’t see as much ugliness in the world as you used to. Throughout my search for the best sex videos online, I’ve come up with a little selection that will prove to you that masturbation is one of the best remedies…

Pet Therapy

The first video is Pet Therapy, an intriguing take on female masturbation mixing nudity and a very, very soft kitty, the result being a sensual, animalistic erotic film. Gotta love the tail butt toy. The author of this short is Danilo Pascuali, Photographer and Owner of Mi-Undressed studio.

Pet Therapy from MI-UNDstudio on Vimeo.

Group Therapy

By now you know I love the film Y Tu Mamá También, and especially Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. Anyway, this is a cool scene with the two characters having a wank by the pool, saying the names of the girls they’re thinking of. It’s sweet and fun and it reminds me of the final sex scene of the film

AV Therapy

Remember 1999? Yeah, fifteen years ago, the movie But I’m A Cheerleader came out. It’s a satirical romance film starring Natasha Lyonne as a teenager who gets sent to to “rehab” camp when her parents suspect she might be a lesbian. Now, aversion therapy is NOT the way to go, but this scene is pretty funny. Megan discovers that one of her roommates is trying to associate pain with fantasies involving women in the hope that one day she might “like dick”, which looks like it’s definitely working…

Masturbation Mashup

Finally, because you’ve been good perverts, here’s the recap video of a lot of masturbation scenes from mainstream movies, like American Beauty, Black Swan… Is it just me or does it look like there was more masturbation before the year 2000? I don’t know, it looks like our current cinema is pretty dull…