Matinée – sex and art in one beautiful film

I already talked to you about Jennifer Lyon Bell, in a post about Skin. Like. Sun, an erotic movie/documentary she co-directed with Murielle Scherre, featuring a real-life young couple spending a hot and natural afternoon together in Belgium. This time, I would like to talk to you about one of her biggest successes: Matinée.

Matinée is now well known as an “erotic movie for women”. I think it’s an erotic film for everybody looking for different and interesting content.

Matinée – sex for the sake of art

The story is about two stage actors, Mariah and Daniel, who play lovers every night. However, their act lack spark, and they realize that their careers are at stake. Daniel wants to make changes to the scenes, but Mariah thinks it will take something else… On stage, in front of a live audience, they improvise something that will leave the public startled. Indeed, Mariah and Daniel start having sex in front of everybody.

It’s slow and very meaningful. I mean, the two characters haven’t really planned any of this, so without a word, on stage, they realize that they’re about to make love. You can see it’s almost as if they finally got free to let their emotions and inhibitions out.

Can sex be art?

It sounds like a philosophy exam question. But really, what is art? Can sex be art? I think everything can be art, because the only purpose of art is to trigger feelings in someone. And sex is full of feelings. So, why not? The two characters create a connection between each other, and show real emotion to the audience. Yes, they do it to save their careers, but that’s not the point. The point is that they manage to create something beautiful and to transmit it to the audience.

Some people think that sex, even if it could be considered as art, is the lowest form of art. I disagree. It is made to be enjoyed and explored, and thus, is a perfectly good candidate for art creations.

I love that in this film, the two characters go all in. It’s not because it’s art that sex has to be hidden or “softened”. There are cunnilingus, blow job, and a condom! It’s 100% explicit and the fact that they’re doing it in front of the whole audience just makes it even sexier!

I’ll leave to it, you can watch a preview and the whole movie in HD on Lust Cinema!

You can also know more about the film and her director on Blue Artichoke Films website.

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  1. Tamara

    July 5, 2014 8:35 pm

    That is just intensely beautiful.

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