Here’s a classic eye-candy post for you! It reunites two of the Internet’s favorite things: hot men and kittens! I have just found this French tumblr called Des hommes et des chatons and it simply made my day!

Hot men and kittens, heaven on the internetz

The concept is simple: just put a picture of a hot guy, naked if possible, next to similar photo of a cat. As a woman who currently has no man, and no kitty, I find this tumblr very entertaining. You will find photos with hot actors, like Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr, Vigo Mortensen, Ryan Gosling… (my favorites), models and random hot guys.

There are hundreds of posts on this tumblr, so I strongly suggest you go check it out! Warning: endless scrolling, self pleasuring or cuteness heart attacks are known side effects.

The “men and kitties” thing already had some buzz around it though. We recently discovered Hot guys with cats or Hot guys with kittens. Of course, let’s not forget about puppies with Men and Pups. You will find a few of these eye candy pics below, as well as other photos and sexy gifs found on the web!

hot men with kittens tumblr

vigo mortensen and kitten

james franco and kitten

hot men with kittens tumblr

hot men with kittens tumblr

ryan gosling with kittens tumblr

christian bale with kittens tumblr

hot men with kittens tumblr

hot men with kittens tumblr

robert downey jr with kittens tumblr
(cuteness overload)

From other cute parts of the web:

marlon brando and kitten
hot man with cat

…and in gif too!

James Deen with cat
James Deen is everywhere

(Thanks CatWhiskers!)

hot men with cat gif

hot guy with tiger cub gif