Sometimes, I daydream. I think about cute guys with hot abs and a round butt and all is well for a few minutes. These two clips, featuring Mike Stalker and Minkah, will definitely give you the warmies!

Mike Stalker in C-IN2

The first video, made by Rick Day, features model Mike Stalker in C-IN2 underwear, and it was shot at the Metropolitan building in Long Island. Of course the clip is not super deep, the guy is basically showing off, working out and doing smooches with unknown girl. However, it’s beautifully shot, the light and shadow work is great and the body is… yummy!

You can see more of sweet Mike Stalker on his facebook page.

Minkah Davidson by Bell Soto

You know that I often post videos by Bell Soto, since he’s so good at capturing the essence of male beauty. This video is no exception. Minkah is this super hot chocolate model just showing off his awfully beautiful body to impressionable girls (and guys) like us…


MINKAH from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

mike stalker underwear