I still haven’t really dug into Asian movies in my search for hot sex scenes and short films, so far. To be honest, I’m a bit scared of what I could find. However, I am glad that I found this great scene from Korean movie A Frozen Flower.

It’s about love, about its different shapes and forms. When it was released in 2008, the film was said to be “The Year’s Sexiest Blockbuster”. Why? Well, because it’s not only about pretty kung-fu choreography, but also because the characters get it dirty. In the end, it’s all about sex and lust. Set in the Korean Koryo era, under the Mongol Yuan Dynasty, the Koryo King, who is gay, decides to set up an elite of bodyguards to protect himself and the realm. So far, it’s all about men. Until comes a princess. Soon, a son is expected of the royally couple. However, given the sexual preferences of the king, it seems impossible. So the king asks his lover and bodyguard Hong to impregnate his wife. Hong and the Queen will have passionate sex and will be awakened to a world of pleasure and strong emotions.

A Frozen Flower, the pain of pleasure

As you can see in the video, it looks pretty fun. Although they’re not smiling, I suspect it’s not because they’re not having a bad time, but instead because they’re having the time of their life… A few positions here and there and a hot 69, I understand why they seem to be blown away by this event, no pun intended.

The intensity of the pleasure they’re feeling together is unexpected and means trouble for the future. The two actors in question are Jin-mo Ju and Ji-hyo Song.


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frozen flower sex scene