Hot Couture Ep. 1 – Irina Vega

I’m happy to present the first episode of Hot Couture, a new series we have created as an experiment. We invite porn actors to the set and feed them increasingly spicy chicken wings. Then, when their insides are on fire, the challenge is to masturbate and climax. Will the heat make the orgasm stronger or will it distract the subject from reaching pleasure? Irina Vega, Spanish porn actress and producer, was our first guest star.

Watch Hot Couture Ep. 1 here

hot couture by commonsensual

irina vega masturbation

First guest of Hot Couture – Irina Vega

I’ve known Irina basically since I started making porn. You might even remember her from an old movie of mine, If You Dare (watch a 10 minute preview right here). She also runs AltPorn4U, a big alternative porn site.

She quickly explained to us that she wasn’t used to eating spicy food, so we were curious and a little bit afraid when she bit into the spicy pakoras we had made (vegetarian option). Right after eating three of the hot delicacies, she strips and starts rubbing her clit – after I take the safety glove off of her, of course.

hot couture irina vega

I think she was a little afraid, too, but despite the heat, we quickly saw her get more relaxed. It was quite a funny experience and, standing behind the camera, I could almost feel her pain as she would look at me and burst into laughter. You can also feel the heat when she begins masturbating, adding a foreign sensation to a familiar act. Right after coming, she reveals her sensations, hot from the oven…

irina vega hot sauce

Porn and spicy food

You might not know this about me, but I’m French. I was raised on a diet of pasta and cream, nothing too challenging to the pallet, or the mind. So, it’s not without apprehension that I started eating spicy food after marrying into an Indian family. The first year was tough, but I’m glad to say my taste buds have bloomed at a remarkable rate, thanks to trying out hot sauces and eating Indian food regularly. Not only did I want to understand why so many people enjoy hot foods, but I also knew that it would be good for my breathing, blood circulation and immune system.

spicy irina vega

I also realized, after watching all Hot Ones episodes by First We Feast, that eating painfully spicy sauces lowers your inhibitions. It distracts you from the appearances we all try to maintain, reminds us that we are all the same, it makes us laugh and cry while cleaning us up from the inside. The challenge aspect of it is maybe just as important for us westerners who eat the stuff for fun, unlike people living in hotter areas of the world who eat it more for health reasons. And it created a bond between the people sharing the experience, like sharing a joint. So, it seemed to be a perfect match for my kind of porn. I’m always trying to make the actors as comfortable as possible, to set them up, in a way, for a memorable experience more than just a routine event or transaction.

Next episode, starring Silvia Rubi, will be up next month.

Watch Hot Couture Ep. 1 here

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