I’m a big fan of Noel Alejandro’s films. He explores gay life with a beautiful style, without using sex as an excuse for the scene. He goes deep inside sexuality and relationships, translating his own experience of the world. His new film is The Seed.

The Seed – Desire, vice and temptation

What first caught my attention about this film is that it is set in Lyon, France, my hometown. However, I think it was actually shot in the woods of Berlin. Starring Yann Andre and Vic Valentine, the movie is about Gaspar, a young French dude who goes to the park to take a dip in the lake in the hopes of escaping the madness of urban life. He goes into a ‘woody oasis where sex is a matter of nature’, searching for someone, anyone, and meets Sebastian, a sexy Dane who emerges out of the water and takes Gaspar into a journey about ideas, sex, drugs and desire.

noel alejandro shooting

As usual with Noel, it’s very cinematographic. It’s a million years away from a trivial gay porn scene you might find on tubes. It’s the product of a thought which evolved from seed to desire, with great execution. The film also talks about drugs and vice in general, about how young people in Europe – and especially Berlin, let’s be honest – are quickly infatuated with the party and drugs way of life, adding to the loneliness of today’s young generation.

It’s rare to find scenes with actual dialogues, and I don’t mean the typical porn lines. It’s also hard to find actors who can actually act or take their masks off and give an intimate ‘performance’ – God, I hate that word, it’s so arrogant. So what I’m trying to say is that making smart porn is not easy and to reach this level of quality, you have to be a devoted director. So, if you enjoy watching men having sex but are too afraid mainstream porn will ruin dick-on-dick for you, then check this one out.

Watch the full film here

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