Horse Burlesque by Mary Jane O’Reilly

At the end of last year, Mary Jane O’Reilly released this video to promote her show In Flagrante. It’s strangely appeasing and pretty funny and hot!

Horse Burlesque – Or my little porny?

Check out dancers Maria Munkowits, Amanda Macfarlane, Molly McDowall and Megan Hughes rocking this furry choreography for the pleasure of all of us, especially our pony lover friends. The video was featured on @Midnight Comedy Central and Kurt Braunohler suggested we retitled it My Little Porny, which I thought was pretty hilarious. 

In Flagrante

With In Flagrante, MJ O’Reilly creates a “deviant take on the burlesque revival” with hot dancers caught in the act with “a fetish for leather, nudity in public and a wild equestrian spirit”. It’s all about expressing desire and style in an alternative way, through dance. She says:

I wanted to repudiate some of the orthodoxies of burlesque female sexuality; that women are capable of being bad, not just coquettish avatars.

You can imagine how much I love this!

Horses from maryjane oreilly on Vimeo.

  1. euphoria

    May 23, 2014 7:48 pm

    Not into furry things but that was brilliant – beautifully shot, witty and erotic. Love it.

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