Folks, we’re going to talk about a sensitive topic today. Sensitive, indeed! My friends would say that I’m a weed lover. I like to indulge from time to time and my guess is that with the new Foria lubricant, this is not going to change.

Get your vagina high

So the way it works is that the Foria lube is a mix of THC oil from marijuana and body-friendly coconut oil. You spray it over your vagina and enjoy the high while masturbating your way to ecstasy. Pretty awesome right? Well, it’s also eatable, so if your better half feels like going down on you, he or she can get high too. Isn’t it just the dream? I guess it tastes pretty good too…

Anyway, it’s directed more towards women because vaginas absorb that stuff quickly. However, the company, founded by Matthew Gerson, who’s also the founder of Sir Richard’s Condoms, says that it’s a different high from smoking a joint. Duh.

It’s only available in California for now.

The promo video for this awesome lube is pretty hot too. Check it out!