F*ck beauty standards! This is what hot sex really looks like

Instead of reflecting reality, most of the current porn tends to emphasize on beauty standards and exaggerate them until it looks like a plastic utopia of faceless bodies and walking stereotypes. You know what I’m talking about: huge boobs, big dicks, muscles and please, not a single hair in the perimeter!

However, I think that we should see more natural people and bodies in porn, with their beautiful imperfections, thus showcasing more authentic and even hotter sex!

F*ck beauty standards!

This is a selection of photos and gifs that, in my opinion, offer a much fresher view on porn without shaming us back into beauty standards.

Boobs, boobs everywhere!

We tend to think that only thin people are allowed to have hot sex, but it’s not true at all!


They’re called ‘love handles’ for a reason!

I used to be so self-conscious about my belly and my thighs, until I realized it had absolutely no importance.


Who said guys had to be body-builders?

Men are also victims of body standards which tell them they have to be ripped and their dick must be long and thick, and up all the time! We’re simply who we are, and being true to ourselves and happy in our skin will make the sex so much better!


Hairy legs. Deal with it!

The gorgeous Jiz Lee, showing off their awesome body and their hair legs. I’ve always been crazy about shaving my legs, which stress me out most of the time because I hate shaving and it always ends up growing back before I can even enjoy being all smoothe… But these last few years, I started being pretty careless about it, going out with shorts and hair legs on the street, and I found it absolutely liberating.

Even now, with my partner, sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t, it doesn’t matter. Oh, sometimes he shaves me…


Barbie legs are just ludicrous

Oh short legs and cellulitis, how much I used to hate you, but nobody cares about you anymore…


Tits, tats and dreadlocks

Don’t blend in, express yourself!


OMG I love Doc Martens!

Sorry, my teenager side is coming out…

More super hot alt scenes on CrashPad!



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