It was a really nice surprise to stumble upon this short film during my daily quest for porn. It’s called A Man And A Woman, and it was made by Gevorg Markosyan and Suzanna Musaeva for the Sydney-based quarterly Allusion Magazine.

A Man And A Woman

The title might make you think that it’s a sensual, a little cheesy film in black and white and with sad piano music playing in the bakground. However, it’s more of a natural, mysterious and subtle work. We dive into an intimate series of sex routines and arousals of a couple. We don’t see everything, but we see just enough to make us stare at our screen for four minutes. It’s deliciously weird and the bodies are rendered in a beautiful, authentic way, which makes this film very original.

a MAN and a WOMAN from allusionmagazine on Vimeo.

I don’t really understand what the off voice is saying, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter (maybe it does, but, as you know, ignorance is bliss). It just feels like a deep and raw narration of life. Sex is not a fairy tale and the relationship between two people can become absolutely intimate and obscure.

Allusion Magazine

If you check out their tumblr, you can see that the Allusion crew is doing some pretty awesome work. They make fashion-inspired nsfw art, photos and videos, like the ones below.

allusion magazine