You know when you’re in this phase, when you can’t take your hands off of that person, and you could just keep kissing them forever… Your body wakes up and you’re suddenly craving the other’s lips and body. This kissing loop shows Erin Frost and Shaun Kardinal doing just that: enjoying an awesomely hot, endless kissing session.

Hardcore – A Kissing Loop

Filmed with Erin’s Hasselblad, this video captures this very intimate moment when passion rises, with something as simple as kissing. The film continuously played through the 2010 Seattle Erotic Festival on a made-in-’85 motel TV. I think it fits the style of the film really well, since the automatic shutter release gives us a kind of creepy, voyeuristic look into this couple’s make out session.

The filmmakers explain that this film is flawed, in their opinion, meaning that it could technically be better, but these flaws make it special, natural and with character!

Check out Shaun’s work and Erin’s.

Hardcore by Erin Frost & Shaun Kardinal from shaun kardinal on Vimeo.