Hi everybody, it’s been a while. I’ve taken a whole new direction in my life and that also influences my work. This is why I’ve been thinking of new projects, and this is why I’m telling you about Alter Echoes, today.

I have just published my latest work, the second tape from Alter Echoes, a sound-based sexual experiment.

alter echoes sadie lune

Alter echoes – the world is an orchestra

This is all thanks to my hubby who is a sound engineer. The idea is to put ultra sensitive microphones in the room and then assigning sounds and effects to the data and ratios of that room. So, for example, when it reaches a certain pitch, it is programmed to apply a certain effect. We didn’t make any music, we just took the data from the room and translated it.

And, often, these sounds make music, or music we can understand, better said. Everything in our world is an orchestra, but we cannot hear it. This experiment allowed us to listen more closely and observe the correlation between the music and what was happening during the scene.

It is quite funny to see how the music intensifies as an orgasm comes along.

It was definitely trippy for Sadie and Dorothy to have all this fed back to them through the headphones, as sounds altered their reality and disoriented them.

There are two tapes published and it’s all available on commonsensual.com. Tape 1 is here and Tape 2 is there.