I wanted to explore a new format in my latest film and I’m really happy with the result. We shot a hand-held camera-style scene with Sylvan and Silvia Rubi in the countryside and it was a lot of fun. Check out Vicky and Sam Break In.

Vicky & Sam Part 1: Outdoor Blow Job

I suffered a lot from the lack of sun from my time in Berlin, so now that I live in Spain, I enjoy every bit of light and fresh air. I usually shoot films inside, in flats or houses, but, this time, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and the nice weather to shoot a short scene outside. Of course, it’s not easy and I’m always a little paranoid about sex outdoors, but it kind of added to the fun of filming.

In this scene, Silvia Rubi plays a crazy girl who has no sense of boundaries. She drags her boyfriend, Sam, with her, to break into a house and fuck inside to get views for their youporn channel. She’s getting super turned on by the situation. He’s nervous. She drags him into a corner and goes down on him.

silvia rubi and sylvan commonsensual

I really enjoy the change of style when shooting outside. It makes it more rushed, scarier, more passionate and awkward at times, more real, in the end. And the fear of them getting caught just made the whole thing intense and suspenseful.

And I have a role in this film too, since the couple needed to have a camera person to follow them around and document the whole adventure, so I’m the camerawoman who gets nervous and tells them to be quiet all the time.

I had already worked with both Silvia and Sylvan, but separately, I thought they would have good chemistry together and I knew they had met up a couple of times to shoot stuff together so it was a great match.

Watch Vicky & Sam Break In

There’s a part 2 to this scene so stay put!

CommonSensual vicky and sam break in

outdoor blow job silvia rubi and sylvan