Alter Echoes is an ongoing series of sound-based experiments. I already mentioned it a couple of times as I released two tapes of the experiment. In the preview below, you’ll be able to see what it’s all about.

Alter Echoes – Everything is music

Sadie Lune, and Rebecca Dorothy – whom you may recognize from DAWN, participated in the first two shoots of Alter Echoes. It was also a first for me and my husband, since we had only been playing around with the system for ourselves and had no idea about how it would go when applied to two performers fucking on camera.

alter echoes preview porn

So the idea is to use sensitive microphones, which take the data from the environment and to the computer. My hubby, the sound engineer, applies effects to the information and feeds it back to the performers as music, through their headphones. What that means is that every little sound they made sounded different. A slight touch of the arm may sound like a sword being taken out of its scabbard. Sadie and Dorothy were then emerged into a different world, unable to hear the sounds of our ‘normal’ reality. So they played each other like they play an instrument.

Our questions were: How does the music reflect sexual arousal? Does it become more harmonious as the performer get more pleasure? What factors make these crazy sounds turn into actual, pleasant music?

In a way, everything makes music. Life is an opera being played out, a masterpiece whose depth is usually not perceived by our every day ears.

Check out the preview below and if you’re really curious about this magic experiment, you can watch the full tapes here.

We will definitely shoot more tapes. This gives us access to such a deep pool of information about sex, sound and everything really. Stay tuned!