If you’re in the mood for a fresh, titillating new scene, and if you like the polished style of X-Art, then check out this scene called My Sweet Surrender, with Eveline and Samuel.

My Sweet Surrender

Surrender is such a beautiful word, don’t you think? It’s not giving up, or bowing down, it’s letting go. In my experience, sex is all about letting go. Holding on to things or ideas is known to make climaxing more difficult to reach and, in my opinion, anything that seems to be an obstacle to orgasm is not good for you, overall. The word also has a very nice ring to it, for a sexually submissive girl like me. Oh how girls like to obey

Anyway, if you can ignore the cheesy music of this scene, it may very well do the trick for you. Eveline and Samuel – no it’s not their real names – are attractive and natural. They seem to have a good chemistry going on.

X-Art stuff always seems to be kind of airbrushed though, but they stay true to their style and, it works.

Watch a free preview here

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