If there’s one thing that I’m always happy to do, it’s have a good old wank. Like the cast of How I Met Your Mother trying to list all the reasons to have sex, I thought we could focus on self love and think of all the -good?- reasons to masturbate…

1. Commercial break / Microwaving

Just put a frozen dish in the microwave? Commercials just came on? Have 8 minutes to kill? It makes time go faster and it’s a nice, unexpected moment that makes your daily life better, in my opinion. It’s all about good moments!

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2. Foreplay

Like in my latest film – forgive my self-promotion, masturbating can be a great way to rise the temperature and start lubricating certain areas of your body while waiting for your partner to arrive. Try it! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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3. Cold toes

The last days of summer are upon us and I think the way we masturbate can often change from one season to another. In the summer, it’s all about being as naked as possible, whereas in the winter, it’s about strategically warming up your toes by warming up something else… Works every time.

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4. You’ve just watched another episode of Masters of Sex

Oh Lizzy.

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5. You just had a bikini wax

It’s so smooth you can’t resist running your fingers on your pussy, well, I love it!

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6. Mark your territory

I don’t think I’m the only one to do this, but I admit I like to jerk off in unexpected places, like an office or a friend’s house. I don’t know why but it makes me happy!

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7. You’re stressed out

It also helps a lot when you’re nervous or anxious about something and calms you down and sometimes even makes you think more clearly!

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8. A friend of yours if browsing for porn gifs

As I am writing this article, two friends from mine from university are at home with me and I don’t think they’ll actually masturbate right beside me – we don’t have that kind of relationship – but the thought is there…

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