They say the best way to study when you have a big paper or project due is to take short breaks and forget about it for a little while so you can clear your mind and come back to it with a fresh perspective instead of saturating your brain. It’s safe to say that Den and Josephine are going to have the best grade in the class since they took one hell of a sexy break after reading two pages of their books. It seems a bit unproductive but trust me, after that, you won’t care anymore.

The best way to study

At Joymii, they always pick the most gorgeous talent for their scenes and like in a big porn family, they all have more or less feeling together, but Josephine and Den are pretty cool together. Being a 90s girl, I don’t have a lot of patience or focus, and I think I would have done the same as Josephine in that situation.

Beside, I really enjoy being all quiet on the couch and suddenly getting this urge of unzipping his pants and sucking him off. After you get it out of your system, we can assume that going back to whatever you were reading is going to get in your head better, or you’ll just end up screening the fridge for some late sweet and fall asleep on the couch in front of a rerun of Hannah Montana. Either way, you deserved it.

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