After having my legs and feet, wrapped in black tights, kissed, licked and massaged at the last sex party, I started wondering about feet. We all know about the ‘foot fetish’, but do we really relate to it? I personally never did. So I asked my partner, who is very fond of toes, and dug up a few pictures that will illustrate my kinky investigation…

The Tarantino Feet Crush

I also watched a few Tarantino movies lately. Planet Terror, Death Proof… It made me think of this strange foot mystique.

tarantino foot fetish dusk til dawn{via}

My feet?

I’ve never seen my feet as sexy, but they sure are pretty. Maybe it’s because everything that is tiny is cute, and I have very tiny feet. But why would they make a guy crazy?


So what is it with feet?

I asked my partner a few questions about the origin of the fetish. He mentioned a few things, such as:

The shape

Feet can look very delicate and they move nicely during sex, bouncing in circles along the rhythm.

high heels sex gif{via}


Something about kneeling to a person’s feet is a symbol of submission and can be very kinky.

man kissing women's feet{via}

Suck it

The act of sucking a toe can also be truly arousing.

toes and feet{via}

Nails and heels

There is obviously something about humiliation in the whole foot adoration thing, but I haven’t really dabbled into that yet. From what I’ve heard, it’s often simply about the aesthetics. Painted toe nails, high heels… It’s just fun to look at and it quickly turns into a game, from innocent to, well, not so innocent…

high heels erotic{via}

The Foot Job

I recently experienced the art of the foot job and man, it’s tricky! Squeeze but not too much and maintain the rhythm! However, it was pretty cool to have a cock between my feet, I felt kind of powerful. Who knew such pretty feet could also be so naughty…

foot job sex gif{via}

The technique

I feel like I will forever be learning about sex, even when I’m old and all I’ve got is a cane and a vivid memory. I’m curious about learning more about foot jobs because it feels like a really cool thing to show off about in bed… What?!

foot job manga technique{via}

Tighty tight

Tights are also a big turn on for a lot of people. I have to admit, the second I put them on, I already feel sexier. Somehow. Maybe the soft texture and ‘see-throughness’. Who knows why, but it screams sex.

sexy tights gif{via}

What about men’s feet?

It seems like male feet are not so adored and admired as women’s. They tend to be bigger and, unfortunately, less enticing than their female counterparts, but at least they are more stable when they carry us to bed…

I like men’s feet though. They look kinda ‘skeletonish’ but they’re usually pretty soft and with a few curly hairs on them.

men's feet{via}

So, WTF?

I think it deserves more interest than the funny cliché reputation it’s had so far. I’ll leave you to it…