True Blood Season 6 – All the sex scenes (part I).

Hey, by now you all know I’m a big True Blood fan. I think the show is super sexy, it’s completely crazy and shit happens in every episode. Plus, the guys are really hot! The latest season (#6) started a few weeks ago, and with only 7 episodes in, we already have lots of interesting sex scenes. And I’m sure there will be more, that’s why this post is only the “part I”. If you follow the show and haven’t seen the latest episodes, this post will definitely spoil it for you, so go do your homework and come back after.

For more sex scenes from True Blood, read this post about Sookie and Bill  or this one about Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) sexy scenes!

1. Alcide and his wolf/macho testosterone

Season 6 Episode 1.

The season started well with a hot threesome scene, with our favorite werewolf Alcide, his new wolf girlfriend and a young wolf girl from the pack. It’s completely macho because Alcide was about to cheat on his girlfriend Kelly with the little newbie, so in order to “keep” him, Kelly decides to join the party and allows him to get head by the other girl, as if he couldn’t help himself. She even says “I’m your number one bitch”. I suppose it aims at showing that a wolf pack is basically made of macho guys and hot “bitches” who only fuck and fight. Anyway, it’s pretty hot, and Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello, is still the sexiest.


2. Sookie and Warlow have at it in fairy land

Season 6 Episode 6.

So after banging vampire Bill and Eric, Sookie now has the hots for new character Warlow, played by British actor Rob Kazinsky. Things move really fast on True Blood, and Warlow, who was supposed to be the big bad guy, is, in the end, a hottie who wants to be with Sookie forever and ever. How romantic. The sex scene is not actually that romantic, but super sexy!


3. Sam and Nicole in the shower

Season 6 Episode 7.

As I said, things move fast. Sam’s girlfriend just died, but with all that excitement and adrenaline being chased by angry werewolves and all, a little shower sex with hew new and very cute acolyte is well deserved. It’s not actually their first time together, but I think it’s the first explicit scene, showing a glimpse of Sam Trammell’s nice butt.


4. Jessica and James have fun at camp

Season 6 Episode 7.

So the humans are chasing the vampires, and some of them are locked up in a creepy camp where humans experiment on them. One of the experiments is to watch them fuck and study their libido. Jessica and this new guy, James, played by really hot Luke Grimes, were supposed to have sex for the experiment, but he refused and got tortured for it. So of course, Jessica falls for him and a few days after, asks him to have sex with her, thinking she’s going to die soon anyway.


There’s also a brief sex scene between Jason and Sarah Newlin, but I couldn’t find it. If you find it somewhere, don’t hesitate to tell me!

Anyway, can’t wait for the next episode! What do YOU think?

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