For today, I have found a nice little bondage video to help you go through all this Christmas stuff. After having Jingle Bells stuck in my head all day yesterday, and seeing Santa at every corner, I’m glad to find a little darkness when I come home. This is a video that was made for the Braintropy brand (handbags).

Rope and piercings for Braintropy

To be honest, I didn’t really find any more information about the video from the Italian brand, but who cares, it’s fun anyway. The atmosphere is really obscure, and the music makes it even darker.

The guy ties her up, tight, and they exchange very steamy looks. I love to see how the rope kisses the flesh as everything becomes like a very hot piece of art, with the tattoos, the shadows, the connection…

The video ends with a saying, in Italian: “Quando l’eco del desiderio risuona chiaro, possederla è un dovere… La penitenza è solo un gioco”, meaning “When the echo of desire resonates clearly, to possess her is a duty. Penance is just a game”. Make what you want of that, I just like it because the Italian language is so beautiful!


braintropy bags from chiara sinatti on Vimeo.