After the girls from ADAM masturbating while singing, now is the time to watch Zac Pennington, singer of Parenthetical Girls, get off in his music video for the song The Pornographer.

Parenthetical Girls in bed

Zac Pennington is androgynous and super hot. I love this video because it’s simple, almost minimalistic, but very sexy at the same time. You can’t see anything, but what you can guess makes your blood turn around. The band also includes Jherek Bischoff, Amber W. Smith, Paul Alcott and more and makes experimental pop.

This song is raw and sensual, like the video. You can’t see who’s blowing him but they’re definitely there and you can guess their presence by the movements and the pleasure on Zac’s face. Obviously, I don’t know if it’s for real, but it looks that way. The video format is perfect to let our imagination wonder…

This song appears on the limited edition EP entitled “Privilege, pt. III: Mend & Make Do”, check out their site or facebook page for more info.